gnome-connection-manager v1.1.0 - 2012-07-05

- Bugfix: public key field was not saved (thanks to BenoƮt Georgelin for reporting the bug)
- Bugfix: bug in AES library resulted in blank passwords randomly being replaced by some characters (thanks to Boyan Peychev for reporting the bug)
- Bugfix: drag and release tab on the same notebook caused tab to be closed
- Bugfix: expanded/collapsed folders state was reverted back to a previous state after editing a host
- Bugfix: cluster window had to be resized to show the text area in some setups
- Bugfix: blank lines in commands tab were removed when restarting application (thanks to Nicholas O'Neill for reporting the bug)
- Added korean translation (thanks to Jong Hoon Lee)
- Better indentation in server panel
- Disabled the horizontal scroll bar in the console
- Added option to open local console on application startup (thanks to Boaman Surebun for the implementation)
- Added option to copy buffer to clipboard
- User default shell used instead of bash
- Some options exposed through shortcuts
- Added servers and edit menu

gnome-connection-manager v1.0.0 - 2012-04-28

- Bugfix: last group was collapsed when adding/editing a new host. All collapsed nodes are preserved now. (thanks to Kevin Brennan for reporting the bug)
- Bugfix: importing servers in another computer cleared all the passwords. (thanks to Simon Pitt for reporting the bug)
- Bugfix: incorrect color of the buttons for selecting colors (thanks to Sverre Rakkenes for reporting the bug)
- Passwords are encrypted using AES-256
- Added option for auto-closing tabs when the session ends
- Added View menu for hiding/showing toolbar and panel
- Added support for ssh compression (thanks to Boaman Surebun for the code)
- Added support for passing extra arguments to the ssh/telnet command
- Added option for setting up the backspace and delete key sequences

gnome-connection-manager v0.9.8 - 2012-02-13

- Bug fix: find_back shortcut was not working
- Bugfix: double click on tabs or arrows in the tab bar opened a new local window (thanks to aboniecki for reporting the bug)
- Removed F10 shortcut for main menu
- Add license text in about dialog
- Add command history in cluster window
- Add description field to hosts and tooltips in server panel
- Add support for delay in commands sent after login
- Add support for dynamic port forwarding

gnome-connection-manager v0.9.7 - 2011-12-05

- Bugfix: error message "Error connecting to server: global name 'bolor' is not defined" when opening a host with custom colors (thanks to talos for reporting the bug)

gnome-connection-manager v0.9.6 - 2011-12-02

- Bug fix: Error when try to duplicate host in subgroup
- Add: Automatic session logging to file
- Add: Add option to enable agent-forwarding
- Add: Add option to configure private-key file
- Add: English is the default language

gnome-connection-manager v0.9.5 - 2011-10-22

- Bug fix: Removed message "Package is of bad quality" when installing
- Bug fix: Cluster mode was not showing the correct tab name if the tab has been renamed (thanks to Juancho Rossi for reporting the bug)
- Add: Option to duplicate console in tab context menu
- Add: Now support subgroups, just use the format group1/group2/group3 in the group's name
- Add: Every time the settings are modified the changes are written to disk

gnome-connection-manager v0.9.4 - 2011-03-23

- Bug fix: New consoles sometimes didn't get the focus
- Bug fix: Shortcut for console_previous reverted to ctrl+shift+left
- Bug fix: Telnet wasn't working when username was blank
- Add: italian translation (thanks to Vincenzo Reale)

gnome-connection-manager v0.9.3 - 2010-12-28

- Bug fix: "Local" button didn't work after closing all consoles
- Bug fix: shortcut CTRL+QUIT romoved
- Add: russian translation (thanks to Denis Fokin)
- Add: protuguese translation (thanks to Ericson Alexandre S.)
- Add: console context menu to "copy and paste"
- Add: shortcut to reconnect to host on a closed session
- Add: error message when expect not present
- Add: "local" connection type in the host editor

gnome-connection-manager v0.9.2 - 2010-10-18

- Add: polish translation (thanks to Pawel)
- Bug fix: passwords were not saved sometimes
- Bug fix: passwords got cleared when opening gcm through a remote session (no machine, X11) or KDE

gnome-connection-manager v0.9.1 - 2010-07-20

- Add: option to close console with middle mouse button without asking for confirmation
- Bug fix: fix some french texts
- Bug fix: import servers wasn't working
- Bug fix: option to reconnect to console is lost after reconnecting to another console

gnome-connection-manager v0.9.0 - 2010-07-07

- Add: option to copy selected text to clipboard automatically
- Add: context menu to duplicate a host
- Add: cluster mode. Send commands to several hosts at the same time
- Add: context menu in tabs to reopen a closed session
- Add: context menu in console to send customs commands

gnome-connection-manager v0.8.0 - 2010-06-16

- Bug fix: wrong height/width when splitting console
- Add: preserve window size between executions
- Add: option reset and clear console (context menu and shortcut)
- Add: support for passwordless/public key authentication (leave password blank)
- Add: option to enable X11 forwarding per host
- Add: customizable console font
- Add: option to hide donate button

gnome-connection-manager v0.7.1 - 2010-04-22

- Bug fix: ssh session keeps connected when closing console with shortcut
- Bug fix: "Invalid file" error message when trying to import servers list (as reported by Martin Botha)

gnome-connection-manager v0.7.0 - 2010-03-30

- Add: context menu to copy host address to clipboard
- Add: option to send keep-alive packets to hosts
- Add: customizable colors per host
- Add: context menu in console tab to allow tab renaming
- Add: shortcut to close active console
- Add: french translation (thanks to William M.)

gnome-connection-manager v0.6.1 - 2010-02-22

- Add: shortcuts to switch active console (left, right, 1 to 9)
- Bug fix: cannot edit shortcuts for copy, paste, etc

gnome-connection-manager v0.6.0 - 2010-02-08

- Add: save console buffer to file
- Add: find in buffer (can't highlight text in buffer, just put line with match in top of console)
- Add: button for opening local console
- Add: execute command after login
- Add: remember collapsed/expanded folders and panel width
- Add: import/export servers list
- Add: context menu in servers panel
- Add: editable shortcuts for copy, paste, etc
- Add: shortcuts for pasting custom commands in console
- Add: check for updates at startup
- Bug fix: autologin didn't work for some telnet servers

gnome-connection-manager v0.5.0 - 2009-12-09

- Bug fix: sometimes console size was not fully ocupied
- Bug fix: when screen was splitted closing console on the right pane closed another console on the left pane
- Add: Added context menu option
- Add: Added close tab confirmation
- Add: Added message in screen when host key changes
- Donate button

gnome-connection-manager v0.4.2 - 2009-09-01

- Servers panel can be hidden

gnome-connection-manager v0.4.1 - 2009-08-20

- English translation
- Telnet support
- Command line parameters to open tabs. Format "group name/host name" "group name/host name"
- Supports console transparency
- Paste with Right mouse button click
- Copy with CTRL+SHIFT+C
- Paste with CTRL+SHIFT+V

gnome-connection-manager v0.4.0 - 2009-08-01

- Added configuration dialog
- Added support for terminal colors

gnome-connection-manager v0.1.0 - 2009-07-17

- Initial release